I can teach you – Quickly, Simply, Easily:

  • How to identify and meet the right people
  • How to connect and interact with them
  • How to strategically and authentically leverage business relationships

Essentially, you will learn how to connect with those outside of your network and build up relationships inside your network.

There are two critical components:

  • You must be open and willing to do the work.
  • You must believe that there is a reward worth doing the work.

To help you maximize your relationships, we’ve developed the Rob Thomas Method “RTM.” Our 4-step program is designed to teach you how to nurture your network and get introduced to the decision makers in your career and industry.

RTM 101 – Identifying your Network

In our first session,we will uncover the following;

  1. Who – Who are your influencers in your network? Do you have a circle of trust?
  2. How – How do you reach out to these influential people in a manner that is not selling or asking them to do anything for you – at this time?

RTM 201 – The Meeting

Once you have a meeting (breakfast, lunch or coffee), what do you do?

RTM 301 – The De-briefing

This is where the real learning takes place. We will review your meeting, discuss what went well, what you learned, and how to incorporate those lessons in future meetings with your network.

RTM 401 – Nurturing the Network

This is where we create your blueprint for success. We will analyze your network identified in Session #1 and create a nurturing program that will keep you and your value top of mind to all of your key influencers.

If you think you are ready to hear more, let’s get together for coffee or a meal and I will share more information about what I am offering. Contact me today at: rob@robthomasct.com or by cell 203.641.1714.